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You are not alone in wanting to let go

Boys Playing in the LeavesIf of late you have been haunted by some old stories or behavioural patterns you thought you had already put to rest, then know that you are not alone.

What is happening, is that the solar eclipse on the 29th of April 2014 has aligned the energies around us in such a way that past hurts, old beliefs or painful behaviours stare us in the face. It can be quite disheartening or challenging at times.

Know that this is for the best, because even if it doesn’t seem that way in the moment, you are actually gaining more and more awareness of your conditioned thoughts and beliefs. And once you are aware of them, you can question if they still ring true to you, or if it is time to let them go.

If you think it is time to move on, simply thank the old way of thinking and behaving, as it served you well for a while. And imagine it moves through your body and out, perhaps into nature or into the ground. Anyway is fine, as long as you envision it dispersing away from you. Feel the difference, how light you now are!

You are now ready to invite in the new. If you get a chance, share this experience with others around you. Chances are, they are in need of the same self healing practice as you just experienced. You are not alone, and it is thanks to you making a difference in your life, that you will be able to positively impact others.

Let me know how this practice has impacted you or others.



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 0437 414 042