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Tribute to a tree and accepting the new

lone surviverAs I was walking my 5 year old boy to school today, we saw his favourite tree had been substantially trimmed. It’s majectic foliage used to touch the ground and my boy regularly played under the tree, calling it the tunnel.

Today however, all the leaves and many branches had been cut off, leaving only a naked trunk with a few lost twigs.

My boy headed straight to it and touched it’s bark. Following his example I too laid my hand on the tree. I felt it’s total shock and disbelief!

I was instantly moved and deeply saddened. I realised once again the need for us to really enjoy what we have in the present moment, as it may be taken away or disappear so quickly…

I wondered how my boy would react, anticipating a similar emotional reaction to mine. Yet he didn’t seemed too phased and moved on.

I love how children teach us their ability to live in the moment and to accept the new. And so I too endeavour to let go, give tribute to that magnificient tree and accept the new.

I look forward to the tree’s new leaves next spring. It will be glorious!

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 0437 414 042