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“Catherine, thank you from the depths of my heart for the breath work session. I experienced a free version of me. A version that was truly respected and embraced as a unique individual yet an integral part of ‘The Tribe’.

I felt like a true warrior that day and I experienced such exhilarating freedom, love, therefore true bliss. Thank you for holding my space as I moved toward that true love, taking me out of the tangle that I had so determinedly weaved to obstruct any vision of my true self and catapulting me up to be so totally embraced as a genuine being of light and love. Truly life changing.” Robyn, Mandurah, Western Australia
“I have been so very blessed to have a breath works and sound healing session with Catherine of Red Dawn Healers. Catherine has a magnificent and rare ability and the session was nothing short of amazing!

Catherine helped me set the perfect intention for our session – to replenish body and soul and took me on one of the most powerful, yet gentle and comforting healing journeys I have encountered. It was blissful, enlightening and deeply re-energising.

Thank you so much Catherine you are such a beautiful, loving and compassionate healer! Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with the world and I can’t wait for our next session!”

Sasha Fazio, Perth, Western Australia

“Prior to my first experience with Catherine’s drum meditation and relaxation, followed by her breathwork session, I was feeling quite vulnerable and didn’t know what to expect.
Wow, was I in for an incredible, amazing experience!

Catherine provided a safe and sacred space in her tipi for me to begin my journey to a place of deep relaxation with the beat of the drum and dance movement.

This was followed by an incredible breathwork session, which was easy to learn, and where I was able to release some big blockages with my relationship with my parents.  Catherine has a beautiful gift of leading, guiding and facilitating this process in a very safe and healing environment.

I felt so amazing after that session and slept so deeply and peacefully that night.  I highly recommend a session with Catherine who has an incredible gift in this field.”

Shari Bolitho, Perth, Western Australia

“It has been almost four weeks since I saw Catherine for my breath work healing session. I am still in awe at the incredible positive effects that it has had.

Before I visited Catherine I was experiencing considerable stress in a work context and had reached the point where exhaustion was taking over and everything was the most incredible effort.  I had started to struggle to find the joy in the things which should always be joyful, such as family life and my children.

The healing session was an incredible experience and one which I would highly recommend to anyone.  The sense of relaxation experienced during treatment was at a level I haven’t previously experienced and continues to have positive effects on my day to day life.

I am pleased to say that as a result of the breathwork healing, I now have a completely different outlook on life.  Life is back to being enjoyable; work place challenges still occur but I have the ability and energy to deal with them in a balanced and reasonable way.  I am no longer experiencing feelings of being totally overwhelmed and physically I have more energy.

I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to meet Catherine and have recommended you to a number of my friends.”

Louise Hughes, Armadale, Western Australia

“I came to see Catherine after quitting my job due to stress. It was a very poignant time for me and I found the session to be enlightening, warm, truthful, honest and inspiring. I came out feeling relieved, calmer, and lighter as if a massive burden had been lifted from me. Thank you so much for your gift.”

Ros Dutczak, Falcon, Western Australia

“We were invited by Catherine Fewings of Red Dawn Healers to experience a breath work meditation in her tipi.

Neither of us had experienced breath work before and we were very happy to find it to be an amazingly relaxing and spiritually opening experience.

Catherine offers a very unique experience by allowing you to enter into her sacred space surrounded by a beautiful tipi. The breath work is definitely something we would highly recommend to others to help focus on a goal, achieve spiritual guidance and messages or purely for relaxation.

We are very happy to recommend Catherine as she has a beautiful, calming energy that can only be beneficial to anyone seeking guidance or a deep meditation.”

Jeni Smart & Sha Carter, Mandurah Crystals, Western Australia

“I just wanted to share with you the changes that have occurred since I did “breath work” together with Catherine:

To create a context, I called on Catherine following a date with a “married” man, which was an all time low for me with a history of attracting “unavailable men”.

So I was asking myself and Catherine, why was I attracting unavailable men?
With Catherine’s help we identified that I was feeling unavailable, because I did not feel safe, and had subconsciously put up barriers around myself to protect myself.

Together we worked on breaking down those barriers, worked on my inner child to assure her that she is now safe and that my adult self is here to protect her and assured her that I would not allow her to be vulnerable and unsafe ever again.

After the breathwork session, where much of this fear, heartbreak and sadness was released, Catherine documented some of the words I had used in the session, and advised me to rework my online profiles to include these words, so that I would attract a different calibre of man.

Since then and in such a short space of time, I have attracted many new men into my sphere, who are so different, and so very much more independent and available and self assured that it is unbelievable!

Two have put themselves very much in my space and are pursuing my attention. Both are interested in a serious relationship and both are pursing me like never before. I have no idea if either of these relationships will work out, but what I can say with heartfelt gratitude is this, without Catherine’s help, guidance,intuitive and instinctive understanding of what was going on with me, I would not have got to this place so quickly and with such amazing results!”

Merrian Styles, Perth, Western Australia

“My session with Catherine was amazingly powerful and beautiful. I had a huge release of emotion as I connected with a deep sense of power and warmth within myself that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt so safe, seen, nurtured and cared for. Catherine is so warm, giving, intuitive and easy to be around. She is a natural born facilitator of people’s healings. She is beautiful!”

Anne-Marie Killeen, Perth, Western Australia


“Catherine is a gentle and powerful change agent skilled and talented in reconnecting with Breath.   I came into the 2 hour session feeling the tension and tiredness of the week that was and left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, centred and happy.   Catherine’s passion and commitment to her work is inspiring and it was a joy to be in such a welcoming and honouring space.”

Wendy Wilson, Perth, Western Australia


“I had a breath works session with crystal healing. It was very enlightening and enjoyable. Catherine was able to go right to the heart of the problem and has helped me to deal with it I would recommend the experience to everyone.”

Jo-Anne Norton, Mandurah, Australia


“During Catherine’s breathwork session I reconnected to my own feelings and learned how to release that in my life which is no longer needed. I was able to access the wisdom from within my body and that of helping spirits – it has simply opened up a whole new world for me. In this world I embrace the creativity, I surrender to the magic of experiences, and I have found I belong. I am more at peace, I have the capacity to face challenges in a better way, I have dramatically improved my relationships to others and to life.”

Martina Schmidt, Zurich, Switzerland


“Thank you Catherine for the nurturing inner journey with you , I am feeling blessed to have the opportunity to spend a wonderful morning exploring my presence and wellbeing, guided by you and become in touch with the wonder of my breath ,it truly is a magical experience.”

Coral Butcher, Mandurah, Australia


“Catherine, Your energy is so graceful and you have such a wonderful way with words. As I said today I had not experienced such a wonderful and different breathwork session, it was also so moving closing sacred space with you. I loved every minute of it and have taken away a lot to process.”

Polly Allecks, Perth, Australia


“Thanks again for an awesome session, for your hospitality and generosity of spirit and sharing.”

Merrian Styles, Perth, Australia


“Thank you for the opportunity to be in such a loving healing filled space. I now feel stronger. more compassionate and more grounded. Whatever the next couple of weeks bring, I’ll be ok.”

Penny Fagan, Mandurah, Australia

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