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Taking care of what is inside to become fearlessly magnificent

20140421_131658This Easter break gave me the opportunity to read a deeply moving and inspiring book called Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani. I highly recommend you read her story, in which she shares her journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing.

And for all of you who are immediately interested in the core message that really resonnated most strongly with me, here goes in summary:

“Always remember not to give away your power – instead, get in touch with your own magnificence. When it comes to finding the right path, there’s a different answer for each person. The only universal solution I have is to love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly!”….

I love these words, as it really reminds me of how everything in nature show us daily their glorious beauty in simply being alive and loving themselves unconditionally…. take flowers for example, each one is different, needing to find it’s own way to water, shade, and sun to flourish. They are taking care of what is inside them. And when they do, they simply are… fearlessly magnificent!

In which moments do you feel you love yourself unconditionally, are fearlessly yourself and shine your very unique magnificence?

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 0437 414 042