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Spirited Drum Making 1 Day Workshop

1410419306820_wps_1_Shamans_Siberia_4_must_crSunday 31 July, 8-6pm Falcon

and Sunday Sunday 23 October

One day workshop

It is my honour to provide you with this opportunity to create your very own unique healing drum that will empower you.

Join me as we take you on an experiential journey of ritual and ceremony while birthing your drum.

You will be guided in the sacred craft of drum making while creating your own relationship with your creation.

You will make a 15-inch hand held Native American Style drum from deer hide and beater. There will also be the opportunity to decorate your drum and beater with feathers, shells, beads and tumbled crystals.

Each drum is authentic, traditional, unique, handcrafted and created with the right intent. It is an extension of your heart and soul.


To register your interest, call me, Catherine, on 0437 414 042 or go straight to:

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 0437 414 042