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How to Say What You Think

Two Girls (14-16) Lying on a Bed Next To Each OtherIf you are anything like me, you’ll be able to relate to the difficulty of saying what you think in front of people you are emotionally invested with: they may be your loved ones, people you fear or dislike for some reason, or simply people who manage to push your buttons.

The way I have found I navigate these difficult situations, is to simply change my perspective: Instead of being the smiling good girl that listens, simply in order not to upset others, or to have them like me, I choose to listen to myself.

“What would make me happy right now, what emotions is this situation bringing up for me?”  And once you are clear on those points, then love and value yourself enough to give you the courage to say it out loud.

You will be surprised by how easy it is to do this with a bit of practice and self-awareness. I realised that it is actually much easier to do than I originally thought. And I am blown away by the responses I get. In any case, you’ll feel much better for just simply having spoken your truth!
Try it out, and let me know how you went!

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 0437 414 042