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Revealing the secret of what Red Dawn Healers stands for

fb logoJust recently, I have been asked on three separate occasions why I named my business Red Dawn Healers.

People assume it implies that I have a team of wonderful and gifted people working for me.

“Not at all” I replied, although I immediately found the concept actually really intriguing. Why hadn’t I ever entertained the idea myself before?! Watch this space!

The reason why I used the plural in Red Dawn Healers is because I wanted to acknowledge the help and support I am getting from spirits as I go about doing my work. I often just see myself as the vehicle through which they bring about the healing, nurturing and love that is needed. It is an honour to of service with them.

I chose the word Dawn as my work is about encouraging new beginnings for people. Be it a new way of being, living, enjoying life, seeing things with a new perspective, a newfound confidence or a new sense of inner peace and freedom.

The word Red in my business name represents the Australian ground, the red earth to which I now belong and feel such a strong connection to.

In addition, I love how Red Dawn Healers could also be a play on words… like the red or blue healer dogs…

Lastly though, and most importantly: Red Dawn Healers should simply invoke in you whatever emotion and vision you feel like!

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 0437 414 042