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untitled-262I offer a range of meditation practices, from a still, focusing on the breath type of meditation, to a movement or music meditation, online and in person.

Simply call me on 0437 414 042 so we can discuss what is right for you.

Everyone has to find their own unique way of meditating. Getting exposures to those different practices is a great way for beginners and advanced meditators to deepen their insight into which practice works best for them.

I found for me that being in nature and music were the perfect tools to give myself the stillness and elation needed to find peace and harmony within. And this is what I want to share with you.

For any updates on upcoming meditation sessions or workshops, see my posts on the Upcoming Events page of this website.


ayahuasca_chakruna2 Mother Earth Meditations – 7 week course for beginners

Every week we will engage in a different type of meditation. We will call in the elemental spirits to support and guide us, until we feel the deep connection: within ourselves, amongst each other, and with all of life.






untitled-512Drumming Meditation and Relaxation

Enjoy an hour long relaxation session with the beat of the drum and other instruments. The sacred sounds played will transport you on a journey of deep relaxation to renew mind, body and spirit….





drumcircleDrumming Circle – Rhythms of the Spirit

Every new moon, Baldivis, $25.00

Community drum circles are the original and most popular form of unguided, unconstrained group drumming. Similarly, our drum circle is an improvised creation of spontaneous group music with hand drums and other percussion instruments.

Ideal for you to reconnect with yourself, be in the moment, soothe and nurture yourself.

Call Catherine on 0437 414 042 for more information


Dance Meditation Workshops

dance2 Follow the rhythms of music and dance to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Participating, you will experience the brilliant synthesis of music, free movement, meditation and creative expression that elemental dance provide.

You’ll get out of your head, release energetic blockages and tap into your body’s natural wisdom and intelligence.

You’ll feel the empowering freedom of being your authentic self and the beauty of celebrating who you really are.

For any updates on upcoming meditation sessions or workshops, see my posts on the Upcoming Events page of this website.

 0437 414 042