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How being spontaneous can be the best thing ever

20140719_224527(0)Last night, I invited a few girl friends over to experience my tipi sanctuary by the fire with me.

After beautiful food, deep conversations and nurturing laughter, we  spontaneously decided to hold a sacred fired ceremony. It was everyone’s first time, and I a blown away by the intensity of my guests open hearts and their courage  to try something new.

It was a totally inspiring experience for me! Such an honour to hold sacred space for such beautiful ladies!

I find myself totally at peace and in the flow today… taking it easy on myself, centered and happy. I am grateful to these beautiful ladies for making this happen! I love the strong love and connection I continue to feel between us all.

A smile builds on my face, every time I think back on the wonders of being spontaneous!

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 0437 414 042