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Get back into the driving seat of your life and take your emotions for a ride

20140502_163428Not sure if you have been feeling the same as I in the last few days… my experience of life simply seems to be a rollercoaster ride. My emotions are going up and down like a yoyo… often even for no apparent reasons…

So in an attempt to find harmony, I decided to write down the things I am grateful for. At first, it was hard to come up with my first item. But once I had it written down, the next few started popping up more easily…and with time… so many things came to mind it was hard for my hand writting to keep up with my thoughts! Looking at my list, suddenly the worries seemed unimportant, and much smaller than before. I felt empowered once again and in the driving seat of my life.

I am sharing this experience with you, because it is a simple little exercise that you can do yourself, and yet find great peace and wellbeing from it. You don’t even have to write anything down. Just catch yourself when you have another yoyo moment, and see how you can transform it just merely with positive thoughts about what you are grateful for.

My personal highlight on my gratitute list this week, was being gifted this amazing staff depicted above at a workshop I attended. I was so surprised by it, I was moved to tears.

What was yours?

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 0437 414 042