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Fire Ceremony

fire ceremonyOn demand

I am delighted to offer people a chance to join together under the stars in the evening for a sacred shamanic fire ceremony.

The fire ceremony is a transformational, and awe-inspiring experience that is especially potent on the evening of the full moon, which helps us to reconnect to the divine.

Group meditation and ceremony/ritual is particularly effective. The ceremony serves to release that which no longer serves us, and to manifest that which we desire.

How it works

Each person brings 2 small sticks to burn and offer to the fire.

One stick will represent something that you would like to be free of from your life (past or present). The other stick is a prayer request of something new that you want to manifest and bring into your life, that will burn, turn to smoke and release into the ethers. This allows the past energy and the new prayer request to move along to its highest spiritual progression path.

During the main part of the ceremony, we will sing a beautiful Native American chant that calls upon the spirits of the waters beneath the Earth.
 Think of the fire ceremony, not as an instantaneous magical change (although this can definitely happen!) but rather as an opening for healing patterns and habits. Seize the opportunity to change your behaviours in the real world. Then let the universe take care of the details!

20131216_204237Answer the call to take part in the sacred fire ceremony, as spirit guides you to release that in your life which is no longer needed and bring something new to deepen your path in this life. Awaken within your tribal ancestry at the shamanic full moon fire ceremony and join the celebration! The fire becomes our teacher and assists us in letting go and bringing in that which we want.

Shamanic Drumming, Singing Of Sacred songs,
Indigenous wisdom and Shamanic Ceremony. An evening of Sacred Connection, to Spirit, Earth and One Another, of Celebration & Joy.

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