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Bringing about healing through rhythm, sound and song

sound waterI never really understood why playing the drum, singing and dancing felt so good to me. I simply new I loved it, loved the freedom and happiness I experienced in those moments, and that I couldn’t stop smiling.

Ah, music! What would life be without it? Music simply feeds our soul….

The renouned American blues musician and performer Taj Mahal stated, “Music is one of the languages of the universe.” He went on to say that in Africa, “music is more like breathing. It’s a part of the whole life. It is such an integral part of life, that something would be missing if it were not incorporated in some way intro sacred ceremony.”

And then I read about Angeles Arrien, anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way. She describes how indigenous healers throughout the world blend music, rhythm, and singing intro their healing practices:

“Shamanic societies believe that when we stop singing, stop dancing, are no longer enchanged by stories, or become ncomfortable with silence, we experience soul loss, which opens the door to discomfort and disease.”

And so I learned that by expressing myself through the rhythms and melodies of soundhealing, dancing and singing, I can restore the soul and bring about healing for myself and others.

Now that makes me feel really good!

And I love sharing my passion, so come experience this magic enfold effortlessly and join me at one of my upcoming events.

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 0437 414 042