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Be careful what you wish for

I was recently told that despite doing all the right things to market my business, I somehow didn’t give people permission to become my clients. So following that conversation I decided to consciously open up the door to potential clients and to welcome them  in. It’s working… I am so excited! With the help of […]

lone surviver

Tribute to a tree and accepting the new

As I was walking my 5 year old boy to school today, we saw his favourite tree had been substantially trimmed. It’s majectic foliage used to touch the ground and my boy regularly played under the tree, calling it the tunnel. Today however, all the leaves and many branches had been cut off, leaving only […]


Balance is the Key

Yesterday my beautiful spiritual teacher was talking about the need to be in balance in this moment in time before April’s eclipse when energies are amplifying. I love this idea, that we can and should combine busy doing periods in our day with quiet surrendering ones that nurture our souls. There is no need to […]


Feeling good chanting and drumming

I am feeling incredibly happy to have met such beautiful women with which I could share this first full moon chanting in the tipi gathering this morning. The drumming together at the end was simply awesome! I’m inspired to start a drumming circle now!

Two Girls (14-16) Lying on a Bed Next To Each Other

Is OM just for the males of this world?

A well-intentioned friend recently told me she discovered that chanting OM (mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin) was reserved for males only, and would have a negative impact on the female’s reproductive system if chanted by women. I am really grateful for my friend’s having shared this point of view with me, as […]


Rhythms to nourish your soul workshop

Thank you dear Anne-Marie Hoyne for hosting another incredible workshop ‘Rhythms to Nourish your Soul’ with me today. I just love how much people can release when dancing and moving through the chakras and the elements of nature… Thank you, helping spirits, for the beautiful healing that took place today


Flamenco Sound Healing Meditation

Last night, bang on the new moon, my dear friend Cristina and I held our inaugural flamenco sound healing meditation gathering. Our participants loved it, and so did we. Through the beat of the drum, soulful singing and helping spirits we received deep and soothing healing, opened our hearts, and felt peace and harmony within. […]


Rhythms to Nourish Your Soul

Our heartfelt thank you to all you beautiful women who joined Anne-Marie and myself for this incredible inaugural tipi workshop yesterday. It was such much fun! Namaste  


A Dream Come True

It came to me in a meditation – the vision of erecting a tipi in my garden. It would become my sanctuary, in which others and I would find balance, healing and a sense of belonging. Realising the vision took courage, patience and determination. Only thanks to family and friends did all the parts gradually […]

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