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Breathwork Practice


When you focus your attention on your breath, psychologically the magic starts unfolding.

You connect to the inner wisdom and guidance of your body, and by doing so you start to gain:

  • A blissful sense of tension release, deep relaxation and detachment
  • Clarity of thought and deeper insights into matters that were escaping you thus far
  • A sense of incredible relief through clearing blocked emotions
  • A sense of coming home, of belonging and of being supported
  • A purposeful connection to the web of life and the part you play in it
  • A new sense of aliveness, a feeling of being reborn
  • Increase of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life

Breathwork is a powerful transformative process that can support you in finding clarity to get unstuck in your career and your relationships. Because it is the lack of clarity that results in exhaustion, confusion, anxiety and sometimes even anger.

Breathwork is a safe and simple yet powerful method of self-discovery and personal healing. It guides the unfolding of your full potential, generating a feeling of aliveness and sense of inspiration as you move towards fulfilling your dreams and physical health.

Breathwork is focused around you, the client. Similarly to the Reiki technique, you learn experientially about the unique interaction of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. Through awareness and experience of the breath you can bring yourself into balance and create a sense of wellbeing and purpose.

How it works

A session runs for approximately 90 minutes. The technique involves participants first relaxing and then breathing to music slightly deeper and faster than normally. Deep breathing is a doorway to a deeper state of awareness. At the end of a session clients report a range of results from simply feeling more positive about their lives to having an entirely new perspective.
Anyone can do breathwork. You have been breathing all your life. This is your opportunity to breathe with awareness and intention … and experience the magic unfold.

Benefits of breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful tool for:

  • Managing Stress
  • Bringing about a sense of wellness and wellbeing
  • Creating clarity of thoughts and a sense of direction
  • Overcoming Crisis
  • Driving personal growth
  • Creating Success
  • Balancing emotions
  • Healing depression and/or trauma
  • Overcoming health challenges
  • Weakening symptoms such insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Tapping into your own emotional intelligence and intuition
  • Overcoming addiction


My session with Catherine was amazingly powerful and beautiful. I had a huge release of emotion as I connected with a deep sense of power and warmth within myself that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt so safe, seen, nurtured and cared for. Catherine is so warm, giving, intuitive and easy to be around. She is a natural born facilitator of people’s healings. She is beautiful! Anne-Marie Killeen, Perth, Western Australia


Catherine is a gentle and powerful change agent skilled and talented in reconnecting with Breath.   I came into the 3 hour session feeling the tension and tiredness of the week that was and left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, centred and happy.   Catherine’s passion and commitment to her work is inspiring and it was a joy to be in such a welcoming and honouring space. Wendy Wilson, Perth, Western Australia


 I had a breath works session with crystal healing in the teepee it was very enlightening and enjoyable. Catherine was able to go right to the heart of the problem and has helped me to deal with it I would recommend the experience to everyone. Jo-Anne Norton, Mandurah, Australia, 6/1/2014


In December 2013 I participated in a Breathworks session with Catherine Fewings of Red Dawn Healers.  I had little idea of what to expect and went into the session open to all possibilities rather than concentrating on a particular “intension”.
At first I felt little.  I relaxed and concentrated on breathing calmly.  But the vibrations of the drumming soon produced a strong resonance that brought very strong emotions to the fore.  I found myself sobbing and wanting to share aloud the pain of two particular traumas that have marked my life.
Catherine encouraged me to let these emotions wash over me and then to direct them to Mother Earth – to just give them over in order to be free.
I experienced a very “physical” passing of this emotional burden I had carried for so long.  I actually “felt” the weight passing tbrough my thighs, then my calves, then out through the soles of my feet as Catherine spoke softly and “drummed” the pain away.
I was exhausted after this session but very much at peace and have been able to refect on these tramas much more calmly since then.
What was most impressive was the way in which Catherine created an atmosphere of confidence – a place in which I felt perfectly safe to face my “demons”, knowing she was with me with her loving strength, her calm conviction that all would be well.  Valerie Egger, Crespieres,  France, 12/02/2014

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