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Be careful what you wish for

wishing boneI was recently told that despite doing all the right things to market my business, I somehow didn’t give people permission to become my clients. So following that conversation I decided to consciously open up the door to potential clients and to welcome them  in.
It’s working… I am so excited! With the help of many friends I seem to be gaining momentum…. getting busier, attracting new people and opportunities in my life.
This rapid acceleration is so powerful, it is almost sweeping me off my feet…I sometimes go into overload and feel slightly overwhelmed with the possibilities and the stretch…
Yet, the little miracles in my day remind me of how wonderful all these developments are. I love seeing the astonished and yet happy and peaceful look my clients give me after a healing session. And so they show me how very real and needed my work is time and again.
Every day I put one step in front of the other, learning to crawl before I walk, and trust that somehow all will enfold itself to me in the right timing.

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 0437 414 042