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Rhythms to nourish your soul workshop

Thank you dear Anne-Marie Hoyne for hosting another incredible workshop ‘Rhythms to Nourish your Soul’ with me today. I just love how much people can release when dancing and moving through the chakras and the elements of nature… Thank you, helping spirits, for the beautiful healing that took place today

fire ceremony

Fire Ceremony

On demand I am delighted to offer people a chance to join together under the stars in the evening for a sacred shamanic fire ceremony. The fire ceremony is a transformational, and awe-inspiring experience that is especially potent on the evening of the full moon, which helps us to reconnect to the divine. Group meditation […]


Flamenco Sound Healing Meditation

Last night, bang on the new moon, my dear friend Cristina and I held our inaugural flamenco sound healing meditation gathering. Our participants loved it, and so did we. Through the beat of the drum, soulful singing and helping spirits we received deep and soothing healing, opened our hearts, and felt peace and harmony within. […]


Breathwork Practice

When you focus your attention on your breath, psychologically the magic starts unfolding. You connect to the inner wisdom and guidance of your body, and by doing so you start to gain: A blissful sense of tension release, deep relaxation and detachment Clarity of thought and deeper insights into matters that were escaping you thus […]

Catherine portrait with drum


Gain Clarity to alleviate exhaustion, anxiety and anger There is too much unnecessary pain, confusion and pressures in our lives. I believe this stems from a lack of clarity. Clarity about what people want in their lives, what to have, what career choices to make, whom to surround themselves with, etc. This lack of clarity […]


Rhythms to Nourish Your Soul

Our heartfelt thank you to all you beautiful women who joined Anne-Marie and myself for this incredible inaugural tipi workshop yesterday. It was such much fun! Namaste  


A Dream Come True

It came to me in a meditation – the vision of erecting a tipi in my garden. It would become my sanctuary, in which others and I would find balance, healing and a sense of belonging. Realising the vision took courage, patience and determination. Only thanks to family and friends did all the parts gradually […]

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